People Philosophy

Our people philosophy is quite simple, people come to work to have fun, make money, learn something new, & help make the world a better place! Our work philosophy is to create the best working environment to help people achieve that!

What is our Passion?

Our passion is technology and the way it can connect and change people’s life. We believe in the web 2.0 revolution, and we want to make the Middle East a better place with it, one line of code at a time!

Working at Oryx Cloud

How is it like working at

  • 1. We throw lots of jokes and have a fun working environment.
  • 2. We lose the politics at the door. We are a small flat organization.
  • 3. We have a challenger mentality.
  • 4. We are not afraid to make mistakes, that is the only way we learn.
  • 5. We are foolish enough to think we can change the world. That is the only way the world change!
  • 6. We know that changing the world start by changing ourselves. That may be the only thing we can change!

If you share our passion, values, or philosophy, lets talk!