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All about Classifieds Sites in Middle East: Guide to List and Sell Super Fast Online

Published on : 17/Aug/2017
All about Classifieds Sites in Middle East: Guide to List and Sell Super Fast Online

Guide to Sell Online in the Middle East

Online Classifieds Sites in UAE ,Saudi, Bahrain and Kuwait have recently started to mushroom within the last few years. With more than 500 free classified sites, the choices for individuals and businesses to publish about their products or services online are unlimited.

Whether you want to sell your car in Abu Dhabi, rent out your apartment in Dubai, offer services in Kuwait, or sell your products in Bahrain, it is very important to follow few simple guidelines, to make it much easier and faster to sell online or promote your business.

Posting an ad on majority of the online classifieds in Middle East includes 8 data fields, they are:

  1. Pictures of the products and services you are selling or promoting
  2. A short Title for the classified Ad
  3. Description of the product or service
  4. Category
  5. Location
  6. Price
  7. Custom Fields
  8. Contact information of the seller

The following guidelines will teach you to construct each field in a way that your classified advertisement will definitely appeal to potential buyers in Middle East:

  1. Ad Pictures: based on our experience, classified ads with Pictures gets 20 times more clicks than Ads without pictures. If you are serious about selling your used products or promoting any kind of service, make sure to invest in taking 6 to 12 high quality pictures and post them along with your ad to get faster responses.

  2. Classified Ad Title: make sure to make a relevant title and include the place of service or product and avoid using full uppercase characters. Classified Ad titles should be a minimum 60 characters and shouldn't exceed 80 characters.
    • Example of Correct Title: 2007 Nissan Altima for Sale in Dubai by Owner - Service History with Dealer
    • Example of bad Title: CAR FOR SALE, CHEAP PRICE
  3. Classified Ad Description: It is important to include a detailed description of your product and service. Not only will it give the potential buyer more information and incentive to call or inquire, but will also drastically improve the chances of your ad showing in the first page of google search results. The following are recommendation for building your Dubai Classifieds Ad description:
    • 500 words minimum.
    • Include the location of your product or service again in the description. Try to repeat the location at least 5 times or what count to 2% of the total words in the text. Don't increase it above 5% as google would penalize your ad as spam.
    • Include as much information about your product or service, especially it's special features and why it stands unique from other products or services.
  4. Classified Ad Category: Make sure to post your ad in the right category. Posting in a wrong category may lead to the deletion of your ad or even a potential chance of your account being blocked completely by the classifieds site operator.

  5. Location: Make sure to include the correct location like Abu Dhabi Classifieds, Dubai Classifieds, Riyadh Classifieds, Manama Classifieds, Kuwait City Classifieds, or any other city across Middle East. If you classified sites allow you to pin the location on a map, pin it at the accurate location after zooming in.
  6. Price: Some users prefer not to include the price. However, based on our experience, ads with a price gets 5 times more clicks than ads without prices.
  7. Custom Fields: Some Classified sites will allow you to include custom fields, like car specification or apartments features. If they are available use them. Most of classified sites systems will use those fields in search and filtering, increasing your ad exposure.
  8. Contact information of the seller: Some classified sites allow you to include a limited amount of contact information, others like Storat give the user complete freedom to list full contact information so when users search for your business in Yellow Pages UAE, Bahrain, Saudi and Kuwait, you can be found easily.

Some additional guideline to help your ad promotion online:

  • Don't list in classified sites with a lot of scam and spam. Number of Classifieds site operator in UAE or any other Middle Eastern countries don't invest in moderating advertisements which usually would lead to such spam cases.

  • If you list your ad in multiple sites, make sure to change the title, even slightly so it is not a duplicate ad even across multiple sites.

  • Avoid posting the same ad again and again in the same site so it is not counted as duplicate ad. Some platform like Storat.com allow you to refresh your ad to the top of the listings without posting the ad again, saving you time and effort.

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