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Frequently Asked Questions

Published on : 24/Sep/2016
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some key Frequently Asked Questions about Storat.com and futures releases:

1- Why do I have to authenticate my mobile number?

We ask you to authenticate your mobile number to help make your profile genuine and fight spammers and scammers.

2- Why are my Product Categories are not showing in my store?

Categories tabs will show automatically when you post products. News and Deals menu is the same, it will show the first time you post any news or deals.

3- I need help in setting up my store?

We will be releasing tutorial demos in how to do so. If you need urgent support, please send an email to support@storat.com and we will come back to you with an answer.

4- What are the release dates for Storat.com?

Storat.com has been released in Alpha version in 15th of August 2016. It will be released in Beta by the first week of September 2016. During the beta phase, Oryx Cloud team will be working on stabilizing the environment for general public release planned in October 2016.

5- Where is the Arabic version of Storat.com?

It is ready and will be released to the public by October 2016 after storat.com passes the beta phase.

6- Where is the mobile edition of Storat.com?

Android and iOS versions of storat.com are ready. They will be released to the public by October 2016 after storat.com passes the beta phase.

7- Where storat.com will be available?

Storat.com is targeted for the middle east region. However, during beta and initial public availability, it will be available only to users residing in United Arab Emirates. Users in other countries are welcome to register, but will be able to publish on the platform by late 2016 and early 2017. Please follow our blog as we will announce availability when the platform becomes available in each country.

8-How much will it cost to build a store in Storat.com?

Nothing, Storat.com is a free and open marketplace and will always be. Our business model is not based on charging users for advertisements or building stores. So storat.com is free and always will be.

9-How can I upgrade my store at storat.com to my own dedicated website?

Websites and professional business emails will be available in the first week of November 2016. We are working on building exciting themes that fit various businesses with special attention to middle east market needs and requirement. If you have an urgent need or requirement to build you a great website now at a competitive price, please send an email to sales@storat.com or sales@oryxcloud.com.

10. Can I build a store with e-Commerce features to sell online?

We are currently working on the e-commerce edition of storat.com with a planned release to the market in the second quarter of 2017. The e-commerce edition will include automatic integration with payment gateways, carting, inventory management, and integration with shipping providers.

11- There are features I need that I can’t find on storat.com?

Storat.com is built for you. Please send us your features wishlist or requirement at wishlist@storat.com.