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Permanent Laser Hair Removal. Is it possible?

Published on : 25/Aug/2017
Permanent Laser Hair Removal. Is it possible?

This a very popular question nowadays that being asked to medical centers in Abu Dhabi as more people turn to laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi vs. older and tradition technique.

The short answer is No! Laser hair removal procedure can't guarantee that 100% of the hair will be removed from the treated area. that is for many reason. The fact is that single hairs may be permanently removed. However, in best case scenario is that laser hair removal treatments can permanently remove 70%, 80% at best. However, the remaining hairs would be light in color and more thin. The thing is, the body will always try to develop new hair follicles, so new hair will grow, which is natural. That is why the results will vary based on age, color of skin, and many other facts. The recommendation for near permanent hair removal with laser if you are getting the treatement in Abu Dhabi, is 6 treatments. However, the recommendation is to go for a maintenance treatment ever 6-8 months so new grown hair is targeted. So the answer to the question is that 100% total removal of all hairs is impossible but single hairs are can be permanently removed.

Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi Medical Center simplified

Laser hair is a straight forward treatment. The Laser create a beam of highly concentrated light that go deep into the skin and it delivers a controlled amount of heat. This heat is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles. The laser last for a fraction of a second, just long enough to terminate follicles at a time without impacting the surrounding skin. As hair removal depends on hair skin, color, and treatment strengh that the patient can handle color, Up to 30% permanent hair removal may be observed with each treatment when best parameters are being used.