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Sell My Car - The Guide to sell your Car Super Fast

Published on : 21/May/2017
Sell My Car - The Guide to sell your Car Super Fast

As the Summer is heading to the UAE, a lot of people are considering selling their used cars in Dubai ahead of vacations or because they are leaving the country. How can you Sell your Car like a Pro without losing money it? weather you will sell it directly to other individual or sell it to car dealers, there are few practical steps you have to take to make sure to sell it for the maximum value.

  1. Get your used car inspected and fix any apparent mechanical or electric issue ahead of selling your used car in UAE.
  2. If you have been servicing your car in the dealership, it would be great to get a record of that. If you have a full record of that, it would add at least 5% to 10% to your car sale value.
  3. Disclose any paint work. No point of hiding paint work for a car you are selling as it will be easily found by paint devices .
  4. Get your car polished inside and outside. I mean full one day cleaning and polish, not 30 minutes visit to the car wash. This is the most important step to do ahead of selling your car and it will make the major difference in the sale value. People want to buy shiny and good looking cars.
  5. Determine a Fair price for your car. You can check Latest market prices for cars before you determine your car price. Plan on the following timeline for selling your car:
    1. 5% above market price: 3 to 6 months
    2. On market price: one to three months, but you need to actively sell.
    3. 5% below Market price: one month.
    4. 10% below market price: 1 day.

So if you have taken the first four steps and was able to determine a fair price for your car, selling it shouldn't be a difficult task, regardless of the brand as there are thousands of car dealers across the Gulf specialized in various brands.

Good luck Selling.