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Top 3 reasons Why Bulk SMS Marketing is a Waste of Your Money?

Published on : 15/May/2018
Top 3 reasons Why Bulk SMS Marketing is a Waste of Your Money?

Do you know- More than 90% of local businesses in UAE are using SMS marketing as an “easy” channel to reach customers? Reportedly few of them are getting results while most of them (approximately 97% of the total) are complaining of not getting the desired results from their SMS campaigns.

Here are the top 3 reasons why bulk SMS marketing is a waste of your money and you should avoid it!

  1. Bulk SMS databases are sold by shady marketing companies.

Marketing companies claim to have hundreds or thousands of mobile numbers categorized by nationality, age, status, etc. Is it Real? Anyone can believe this or invest in it these days. Most of these claims as inferred by us were found to be a complete scam. These companies simply purchase SMS databases from one another obtained by scanning the internet.

Only a few digital marketing companies in the world have reached this level of commercial intelligence without access to government or telecom customer databases namely Google and Facebook. We know that their data is real as we volunteer it to them. Apparently, all of us know that they will never sell it so cheap. Also, few locally reputable internet platforms (ex: Bayt.com, souq.com, etc.) have managed to reach the similar level of commercial intelligence. This is the reason why these companies will never sell their data or offer to send bulk SMS marketing at 1 file revenue!! You know why? It is because they earned it over many years with the continuous updates. So, this data is like gold to them and they won't sell it that cheap.

2. SMS Marketing is very expensive.

    You are paying too much for every SMS you send- minimum AED 5 ($1.2) for every 100 SMS! Did you know that you can upload those mobile numbers to Facebook or Instagram Ad Manager and get more than 1000 impressions at that price? Sometimes much higher! Similarly, you can get the results if you invest in Google Adwords.

    We as a lead generation company advise our customers about the best channel to reach their target customers. Most of them are surprised by this fact that we are able to double the number of leads they are getting while reducing their marketing expense by half. Our secret has been revealed here! 

    3. SMS marketing damages your image if the customer doesn’t know you

      When you send bulk SMS’s to users who don’t know you, they happen to hate you!! They are receiving hundreds of annoying SMSs every day! It is one of the most disturbing spam tools in UAE, of course after email.   

      However, in lead generation, we have found few best practices that can work along with SMS marketing to give you the results you expect from us. That is if it absolutely necessary to bulk SMS.

      Top five best practices for proven results with SMS marketing!

      A. Send only to your existing customers 

        Your customers know you! They will surely appreciate special promotions, offers and updates from you. However, limit SMS marketing to 1 or max 2 per month for them. Remember you can reach them also on Instagram and Facebook at a cheaper price. Consult our experienced Facebook Digital Marketing provider if you don't know how to run an optimized paid campaigns on those platforms.

        B. Personalize the message
        • Bad X
          Hello, we have a promotion on xyz 50% discount until the end of June 2018. Call 853423232
        • Good ✓
          Hello, Mona Thank you for being a valued customer! Here's an exclusive promotion for you this summer- 50% discount on <service x>. Offer is valid for you until 31/07/2018. For booking please visit http://stor.at/offer
        C. Include a trackable link, not only a phone number

        A trackable link will help you measure visits and interactions. Call us if you need help in setting it or just use a service like Google URL shortener. The link should lead to a landing page with more information and images about your promotion

        D. Include a call to action button on the landing page.

        Make sure there is an easy call to action for the customer such as call back request, fill contact form or claim a discount voucher. You can consider the following example of a landing page that drives a call to action: http://stor.at/action

        E. DON’T be a Spammer- Opt-out is a Must

        Including an option out in every SMS you send is necessary to stay compliant. If you don’t follow the opt-in/opt-out regulations of SMS marketing, you will get hit with a fairly hefty fine. 

        In Conclusion, SMS is an old school technique from traditional phone days when there was no internet. It’s time to try newer marketing platforms and tools which are lower in cost while driving more leads such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

        Storat.com is an online Marketplace for lead generation for businesses in UAE and other GCC countries. We help customer launch digital marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and generate leads using Storat.com platform integrated with Google, Facebook, and Instagram. To know more about our products and services, please visit sell.storat.com