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Tips for Buying a Great Boat in UAE

Published on : 22/Aug/2017
Tips for Buying a Great Boat in UAE

With sunny weather all around the year, hundreds of miles of shores, and open sea to the Indian ocean, UAE is the ideal place for water sports, sailing, and fishing trip. if you are in the market looking for used boats in UAE , here are few tips and tricks to get you started.

  1. Choose the type of boat you want to buy. That will depend on the activity. Do you want a fishing boat, luxury Yacht, or just a boat to hang around and cruise the sea.
  2. A big choice you have to make is do you want buy a used or new boat. Boats loose value much faster than cars.
  3. Search for boats in Storat used section, widen your selection by choosing UAE..
  4. Before you commit to buying the boat, if you are new to this, get a professional to evaluate and survey the boat, specially the engine.
  5. Negotiate the deal and close it.
  6. Remember, going to Sea by boat is a regulated activity in UAE. Make sure to get the required licenses.

Should you Buy New or Used in UAE?

it is easy to know that used boats in Abu Dhabi & Dubai are available at much lower prices than brand new boat. Taking into consideration that most boats are made up of either aluminum or Fiberglass which don't rot like traditional wood , so boats last a much longer time. Buying used boats and Yachts can save you money even better than buying a used car in UAE. If you haven't bought a used boat in the past, There is wide availability of Boats & Yacht for Sale in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Also financing boats is available now through banks like ADCB and other banks that will provide a bank loan to buy a boat in UAE.

Buy Used & New Boats & Yacht, Fishing Boats in Abu Dhabi

Boats and watersports is one of the most fun things to do in UAE. If you are lucky to be around here, don't this great opportunity where you can sail and be in the sea 365 days in a year with amazing destination for fishing, scuba diving, or just relaxing and enjoying the sea.

You can look for companies selling used and new boat in Yellow Pages UAE.