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What are the differences between Lexus LX vs. Toyota Land Cruiser

Published on : 31/Aug/2017
What are the differences between Lexus LX vs. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Curiser, known as the lion of the desert, with highest mindshare for SUV's sold in UAE. The two direct competitors are Toyota own Lexus LX 570 and the Nissan Patrol. However, once a car buyer in UAE settles on a toyota, the eternal debate comes into picture, do I buy a Land Cruiser or a Lexus LX 570?

New Lexus LX 570 Model in UAE

In the early days of the Lexus, the differences were limited. It was really a Toyota Land Cruiser with an upgraded interior and a different Logo. Regardless, the LX always performed well sale in spite of the little difference where both cars were identically mechanically and in style. However, now the differences have grown bigger and bigger, with the introduction of the Lexus LX 2017, its the most major departure in exterior style. The LX 570 is no longer just an upgraded Land Curiser. It has it is one style, body shape, and completely different interior.

New Land Cruiser VXR in Dubai

So here are the major differences between both SUV's where both cars are available widely in UAE cars market:


While the land cruiser largely keeps the old shape, the Lexus LX has a major upgrade and much liner look, specially the jaw dropping Lexus new grille.


The LX 570's major difference is in the interior. It is upscale luxury is not limited to a much larger screen, much upscale leather, modern remote touch interface, and much more.


Well under the hood, both SUV's are almost identical. However, surprising, the Land Cruiser has much more towing power than the Lexus at 8,000 pounds for the Land vs 7,000 bound for the Lexus.


While both cars over the amazing amount of equipment and features like: camera system, navigation system, a cooled center console box, front and rear parking sensors, center screens, a dual-screen rear-seat DVD entertainment system, LED headlights and taillights, a power sunroof, Bluetooth, etc. However the Lexus offer few features 19-speaker Mark Levinson sound system (the Land Cruiser includes a 14-speaker JBL system instead), a 12.3-inch center screen (the Land Cruiser has a 9-in screen instead) and a climate concierge system that monitors all four climate zones and the SUV's steering wheel and heated seats.

Both cars are available from the official toyota dealers. Also you can land a bargain deal in Abu Dhabi and Dubai used cars market.