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  • 30% commission on sales
  • Standard listings
  • Cash back
  • Sell at your own website
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AED 750
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Lower commission. Sell on and your own website
  • From 0% commission on sales
  • Priority listings
  • Up to 2% cash back
  • Sell at your own website
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AED 1,250
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Lowest commission. Up to 5% cash back.
  • From 0% commission on sales
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  • Up to 5% cash back
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Cash Back Program

We will pay you cash back based on your monthly volume of sales and subscription level. Cash payment is processed in your monthly invoice.
> AED 5000
AED 250
AED 100
> AED 10,000
AED 500
AED 150
> AED 20,000
AED 750
AED 300
> AED 50,000
AED 1,000
AED 500
> AED 100,000
AED 1,250
AED 750

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the monthly subscription fees cover?
It covers setting up a store and listings of all your services on, Storat mobile app, and your website. It also includes all the services to do the content and translation of the ads.
Why are you charging a margin/commission on sales?
Our platform is not only about setting up your presence online, but it is also about selling online. To help you achieve that, we run digital marketing campaigns by email, SMS, Google AdWords, and social media campaigns. The commission helps us cover the cost of those campaigns.
How the Cash Back Program works?
The Cash Back Program is intended to help you offset the cost of subscription when you successfully sell through or your website. For example, if you are enrolled in the Enterprise subscription and you sell for more than AED 50,000 in a month, we will refund you AED 1,000 from the subscription price for that month.
Do I need an approval from the bank or a payment gateway?
No. That is why we can set you up in less than 3 days. We have teamed up with and Mashriq Bank to make a fast & secure payment platform for local merchants. Note, however, all payment transactions will be processed on payment pages to stay compliant with the payment gateway requirements.
How will I get paid?
Customers have the option to pay by credit card or cash on delivery. In case the customer pays by cash, you will receive the payment directly and send us our commission at the end of the month. If a customer pays by credit card, we will receive the payment and wire your service charge at the end of the month.
How many orders are paid by cash on delivery vs. credit card?
Currently, 80% of the orders through are cash on delivery.

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