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SEO Full Service Agency & Company - rank on Google 1st or 2nd page in 60 days

AED 1200.00

SEO Service is offered as part of Storat Digital Marketing Offering or as an independent service. Please check sell.storat.com for more information.

Search Engine Optimization is the most advanced product in our product portfolio. We are one of the few companies in the UAE that do a Full Service SEO including

1- Complex Onsite Optimization for your Website including optimizing performance, mobile responsivness, and html tags.
2- Advanced Keyword research and optimization for long tail and short tail keywords to build an SEO strategy for your business.
3- Quality content development for products and services to rank higher in search engines.
4- Quality Blog Development and Translation to improve relevant ranking for content related to your product.
5- Offsite Full SEO development using Storat advanced sharing capability platform to spread the word about your business around the web.
6- Filling the gap for capabilities required to start ranking higher. There are more than 150 signals to be addressed for your website to rank higher.

Your competitors may have been doing SEO optimization for many years and it may sound impossible to rank. It is not impossible!

We build an SEO strategy to find weak points in your competitor SEO defenses to establish a beach-head for your business. and from there, we work on

an expansion plan to cover more keywords starting with long tail and reaching short-tail keywords over a short period of time

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