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AED 5000.00

Storat Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Services in UAE
Guaranteed Leads to Your Business in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Storat Digital Marketing Service is a full service Digital Marketing in Abu Dhabi covering the following services:
1- Google Adword Digital Marketing Campaign in Abu Dhabi - On Top of Google Search Pages with paid advertisements
2- Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing (SEO) in Abu Dhabi - Show On Top of Google Search Pages
3- Facebook & Instagram Advertisements Digital Marketing Campaign in Abu Dhabi - Show your Products, Services, and Posts in Facebook Newsfeed and Instagram Storyboard
4- Email Digital Marketing Campaign in Abu Dhabi - Keep your customers engaged by sending email marketing campaign newsletters
5- SMS Marketing Digital Marketing Campaign in Abu Dhabi - Keep your customers engaged by sending SMS marketing campaign & newsletters
6- High Fidelity Graphic Design Company in UAE - Beautiful Designs and Graphics for your Storat Website & Social Media Account
7- Content Writing for Website & Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Lead Generation Services?
Under the Lead Generation Services Program, we use the latest cutting edge technology and digital marketing capabilities to generate qualified leads to your business. This is real actual leads, not only clicks.
2. How many Leads would you be able to generate for me per month?
This depends on the industry. Some of our customers under the basic package ($407 per month) receive more than 100 qualified leads per month and some receive less based on the portfolio of their business. After the 2-hour Strategy workshop we will be able to estimate the number of leads for your business per month.
3. Are those leads or clicks?
Those are actual leads and not just clicks. We use more than 15 digital marketing channels to build the customer presence online to generate leads. The presence in some of those channels is permanent, hence customers will experience an increase in leads over time.
4. Do you provide money back guarantee?
Storat Lead Generation Service is a monthly subscription, so you can terminate the service at any time. However, your website, domain and professional business email will remain active until the end of the year.
5. How do you generate the leads?
We use a combination of cutting edge proprietary technology and digital marketing tools. The fact is, there are thousands of online customers looking for your products and services. We developed the technology and know-how to reach them at the lowest possible cost.

Storat Digital Marketing (Lead Generation) Full Service Package
Using more than 10 Digital Marketing Channels to build your business online and generate leads

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