Features Focused On

We believe your online presence should be focused on leads, revenue, and new customers not reach and views.

Why Storat Platform?

Storat empowers your business to get leads and orders, respond quickly to customer inquiries and convert bookings and orders to appointments.
Professional Services
We have assembled the best team in the industry to help design and build your online presence to get you started quickly in selling online.
State of the Art Modern Technology
Storat is based on modern proprietary technology to help increase revenue, conversion, and getting new customers to your business.

Join more than 500 businesses in UAE selling through Storat

Storat Websites Solution
We will build an Arabic/English Mobile ready Website in less than 1 day!
Storat Call Center Solution
Track and record inbound sales calls to manage customer communication better and improve the conversion of leads to sales.
Storat Lead Management System
Get leads online and track in the lead management dashboard.
Storat eCommerce Solution
Sell online and get paid online with Storat eCommerce and payment gateway. Setup in less than 1 hour.
Storat Appointment Management System
Convert leads and orders to appointments with auto-notification by email and SMS to increase show-up rate.
Storat Analytics
Measure visits and conversion, monitor the performance of your customer services and sales teams.

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